Who wins the next-gen console war? Not Playstation or Xbox. It may be the Apple TV “Console” (just a matter of when)!!

Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 are the latest next generation of consoles at the moment. They both have been out for over 6 months now, and by far there are no significant difference between them. They both are really good console, but soon we may see a “new” player in the gaming console entering the race from Apple!

Although Apple has just announced the Spring event of 2021 to be held on 20th of April, I don’t believe we’ll see the next-generation Apple TV yet (but I really hope I’m wrong 😉).

What we know is that the latest Apple TV from 2017 can already do 4K HDR + Dolby Vision using their hardware from 3+ years ago! This is A10X we’re talking about. Last year in 2020 when iPad Pro got refreshed with A12Z, we knew it could run Fortnite at 120 FPS (see TheRelaxingEnd unboxing video below). Later in 2020, Apple released their A14 (5nm chip) using in iPad Air & iPhone 12 and made them the most powerful mobile device yet. Also, don’t forget about their own mac processor — the M1 chip. We can expect on Tuesday that the 20201 iPad Pro will get the refresh it deserves with at least A14X or (A14Z — whatever names they decide) with M1-like performance on a mobile device. What this means is that Apple has an arsenal of computing horse power for the Apple TV to be at any benchmark they’d like.

Apple TV 5th Generation Released in Sept 2017!!! 3+ years old now!

I could be a little bias here, but Apple could just easily creep up in gaming console space. With things like App Stores and Apple Arcade, it has proven that they are interested in gaming and they are not an underdog. What they lack today are the AAA titles on their platform, and even though it looks like they are in a different market completely, it’s just a matter of when, not if, that we’ll see the Apple TV as a gaming console!

Nintendo Switch Pro is also anther rumor that Nintendo is working on releasing a more powerful Switch with 4k support for their fans.

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